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7/10/2018 - Vinicio Capossela on July 14th at the Ancient Theatre
Two special dates in Sicily for "Orcaestra", the new orchestral symphonic tour by Vinicio Capossela. On July 14th the summer tour of Capossela will be at the Teatro Antico in Taormina for an appointment with the Orchestra of Teatro Massimo in Palermo. The music of Vinicio Capossela with its variety of tone and harmonic complexity has always been given to unusual instrumental organics and scores that have benefited from the great pens of the arrangement. Together with the symphony orchestra Dilata, it becomes a maze, the words are lost between brass, wind and violins in a fascinating musical path.Similarly to the great sea animals, the Orcaestra, pachydermic musical apparatus capable of producing mnemonic recalls, the enormous omnivora creature, swallowing songs, elevates them and reeds them in the form of an orchestral odyssey for songs, the Odyssey more than Twenty-five years of Vinicio Capossela, a bomb-maker of words in music. Tickets are available in presale on Ticketone