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9/20/2017 - Amphiteatre Sicily 2017
Success in the theaters of stone protagonists of Amphiteatre Sicily 2017. The synergy between the theatrical, lyric and symphonic foundations of our region (Teatro Stabile di Catania, Biondo di Palermo, Massimo di Palermo and Bellini of Catania, Vittorio Emanuele of Messina, FOSS Symphony Orchestra Sicily), the accurate direction of Taormina Arte and the collaboration between the Regional Department of Tourism, Sport and Entertainment and the Regional Department of Cultural Heritage and Sicilian Identity under the Contemporary Sensibility Program that great quality productions have achieved a concrete territorial promotion action. This is proven by the fact that the Villa del Casale at Piazza Armerina opened the evening with the special event, "Sounds and Lights" with Michele La Paglia; the magical moments created by famous pianists Mario Galeani and Gilda Buttà and the orchestras of the Conservatory Arcangelo Corelli of Messia, the plectrum of Town of Taormina and Symphony Orchestra of Palermo, Sicilian excellence, and again the theatrical choices of Gabriele Lavia, Monica Guerritore and Michele Placido who thrilled souls through the lines of immortal authors. To end with the evocative power of Amleto son of Amleto directed by Andrea Elodie Moretti, The Eschilo's Supplications with Moni Ovadia and Mario Incudine and Canto Mediterraneo with the extraordinary participation of Peppe Servillo. Involving, varied and multiform shows that have always highlighted the history, places and Sicilian territory.