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9/19/2017 - The words fly
After "A Mediterranean song", the synergy between Taormina Arte and the Mandanici Theater in Barcelona Pozzo di Gotto, directed by Sergio Maifredi, continues successfully. On Saturday, September 23rd, the show "The words fly", the public reading party, the traveling show in the theater park, tribute to the most beautiful and most shared pages of the exquisite, extraordinary Italian literary production. One way, too, to build "bridges" between places, generations and times, and to live together the "public reading party". It's a show at "stations" "The words fly". It will be held in the Theater Park, starting at 21:00 on Saturday 23 September. On stage, in direct contact with the audience, five great actors and a band: Tullio Solenghi, Massimo Wertmuller, Corrado d'Elia, Roberto Alinghieri and Rosario Lisma and the "Novecento" Dance Orchestra composed by Antonio Livoti (musical idea, Guitar), Delphi Plantemoli (accordion), Cesare Frisina (violin), Francesco Di Stasio (bass) and Fabio Sodano (flute). To direct and assist the viewers, the five interns who have "won" the Mandanici call and are testing in the direction of the directorship signed by the artistic director Sergio Maifredi: Martina Genovese, Veronica Giambò, Dario Lombardo, Graziano Molino and Fabio Pirrotta.