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7/12/2017 - The Plettro Orchestra of Taormina City for Sicily Amphitheatre in Morgantina, Catania and Tindari
The Plettro Orchestra of Taormina City everywhere goes to charm its audience. The three concerts produced by Taormina Arte, under the Circuit Anfiteatro Sicilia, promoted by the Regional Council for Tourism, Sports and Entertainment, will perform musical performances by Mascagni Preludio and Siciliana and Intermezzo da Cavalleria rusticana, Kuwahara The Song of Japanese Autumn, Ketèlbey In a Persian market, Bizet Fantasia on Carmen, Angulo Suite mexicana, waltz and polka, and Gulotta Suite Sicilian No. 6, Rota Suite of Gattopardo in three splendid ancient theaters: Morgantina 14 July, Catania 4 August and Tindari 5 August. The orchestra, flagship of Taormina, composed of mandolins, mandolins, mandolinos, guitars and double basses, will perform his best repertoire directed by master Antonino Pellitteri. The orchestra at Plettro Città di Taormina was founded in early 1900 at the wish of some Taormina musicians and today is a boon of the city in Italy and around the world. The orchestra has built its popularity by continuously performing in thousands of concerts, a continuity that has never been extinguished. Among the many, in Sicily, at the Vittorio Emanuele theater in Messina, at Palazzo Biscari in Catania, Italy in Rome, Ferrara, Caserta and in the world in Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Miami, New York, Pittburg, Boston and Barcelona.July 14 Teatro Antico Morgantina / August 4 Teatro Antico catania / August 5 theater Antico CataniaPlettro Orchestra Taormina CityDirector Antonino PellitteriMusic of Mascagni, Kuwahara, Ketèlbey, Bizet,Angulo, Gulotta, Rota,Taormina Arte exclusive production