11/22/2016 - The General Member of the Sicilian Tourism
It will take place on 25th and 26th November in Taormina at the hotel HN "The Member of the Sicilian tourism General", the two-day festival, supported and sponsored by several government agencies such as the Sicilian Regional Assembly,  the territorial Growth , Taormina Arte, Contemporary Senses, Italian Foundation FS. The congressional event works on tourism will be divided into several thematic groups, where they will analyze issues related to culture, cinema, entertainment, food and wine: "Cinema - a new image of Sicily", Theatres - programming and promotion. The bet of  Amphitheatre in Sicily "," Tourism and Business - competitiveness, professionalism and tradition ", Food and Wine - tasting routes, places of flavor between local products and indigenous varieties of wine" Culture - innovation and creativity, a heritage to be valued "," Tourism, students and youth tourism "," Infrastructure - a driving force of tourism development. "The goal is to create a system that territory becomes a lever for growth in the region, starting from the culture, from food, from alternative tourism and seasonally adjusted, from the network between the Sicilian theaters and between the film commissions. A parterre prominent: they have already confirmed their presence managers, entrepreneurs and political weight of Sicily: Orazio Torrisi, Francesco Giambrone, Roberto Grossi, Salvatore Picone, George Pace, Pier Francesco Pinelli, Onofrio Cutania, Claudio Collovà, Dario Ferrante, Italo Mennnella, Giuseppe Belfiore, Francesca Vanni, Francesco Lauricella, Alessandro Rais, Ivan Scinardo, Marco Alessi, Ninny Panzera, Antonella Ferrara, Mariella Lo Bello, Francesco palumbo, Alessandro Baccei, Carlo Vermiglio, Enzo Bianco, Francesco Ferreri, Vittorio, Messina.The work will be inaugurated by the President of the Region of Sicily, Rosario Crocetta, the President of the Sicilian Regional Assembly, Giovanni Ardizzone, by the President of ANCI Sicily, Leoluca Orlando and the mayor of Taormina, Eligio Giardina will be entered instead by the Department of Tourism Sicily Region, Anthony Barbagallo and the Minister of heritage and cultural activities and tourism Dario Franceschini.